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iOS: Scope of functionality

iOS: Scope of functionality

The GroupAlarm app for iOS allows any user to be instantly notified of new alarms across all organisations.
To do this, simply download the app from the Apple App Store, log in with your credentials or via Google and you're ready to go.


Immediate notification for incoming alarms - even when the smartphone is muted if "critical alerts" are switched on.
Secure message exchange with participants of the organisation
Calculation of the time required to reach the organisation's location when an alarm is acknowledged
Overview of all past alarms, incl. feedback from participants
Display of your appointments, notification of new invitations and easy RSVPing
Triggering of new alarms
Triggering a test alarm via the web interface
Managing your availability settings
Biometric security features (Touch ID or Face ID) to protect the app and interface

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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