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Android: Configure notification settings

Android: Configure notification settings

Notifications are triggered via the alarm channel of the smartphone. We need to ensure that a few settings are dialled in right so that the GroupAlarm app alerts function properly.

1) Make sure that the alert volume is sufficiently loud. You can adjust the alert volume in your system settings ( "Sound & Vibration" > "Volume").

2) Check whether all the necessary alarm permissions are set in the system settings under "Notifications" > "App notifications".

3) Verify in the GroupAlarm App that the setting "Force sound on alarm" is activated.

4) Check whether the notifications are switched on in DND (Do not Disturb) mode. To do this, drag the notification bar downwards and long-tap on "Do not disturb". Now, open the item "Show all exceptions" in the "Exceptions" section and activate "Allow wake-up calls".

Alternatively, you can set this exception for the GroupAlarm app alone. However, this process must be repeated after each adjustment to the notification settings.
To do this, open Settings > Apps & Notifications > GroupAlarm > Notifications > Alarms > Advanced and activate "Do not disturb".

To test whether the notification settings are set correctly, please follow this article.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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