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In our mobile apps for Android and iOS, you have the option of having your availability updated for all or individual organizations, depending on location.


To do this, open the availability tab of your app, select the desired organization if necessary and create a new location-dependent availability via the plus symbol.
Select a location on the map or with the address search and define a radius that GroupAlarm should monitor for you. Finally, select whether you want to be available in the selected organization when entering or leaving the area.

Note that location-based availabilities can only be used on your main device and not in combination with time-based availabilities (scheduled / recurring). In addition, the necessary location permissions must be granted at all times.

To use geo-availability, you must set up geofences on your smartphone:

Geo-availability on Android smartphones
Geo-availability on iOS devices


You can find an overview of all currently set up and active geofences in the settings of your app in the Geofences section under "Manage availabilities". By tapping on the respective organization, you can access the settings, through which you can also remove the availability again.

There you can also see whether the monitoring of the geofences set up is currently technically possible or whether other settings block it.

Data protection

At no time are GroupAlarm or organization administrators in possession of the exact position of a participant. The GroupAlarm app only receives information from the respective operating system whether the device is in a geofence or not. This information is then used to manage availability in the corresponding organization. At no time is it visible, for what reason your availability has changed.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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