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Introduction Flows


In order to create or edit a flow, the appropriate administrative permissions for the service flows are required. As an organisation owner or organisation administrator, these permissions are automatically available.

Under the item Admin ⇾ Flows you will get an overview of all existing flows.

Using the sliders on the left side, the flow can be switched on or off. Disabled flows will not be executed. In the case of inherited flows, the status is defined in the parent organisation.

The column marked with the lightning provides information about the trigger element defined in the flow. Information about the individual elements can be found here.

The Valid column indicates whether a flow is functional. Flows that are not valid are marked with a red exclamation mark and will not be executed, even if they are active.

The "Inheritance" column shows whether a flow has been inherited and from which parent organisation. You can read more about the inheritance of flows here.

The three dots on the right side allow further options for the respective flow.

Edit: Opens the edit view
Export: Exports a flow to be able to paste it into another organisation.
Insights: Detailed information about the individual executions of the flow.
Delete: Removes the flow

To learn how to create or edit a flow, click here.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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