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Inherit Flows

Inherit Flows

If your organization has further sub-organisations, you can inherit configured flows to them. The configuration you have made in the inheriting organization remains intact and cannot be overwritten by an inheriting organization. However, administrators of the inheriting organizations can see a preview of the flow. To inherit a flow to sub-organisations, select the button 'Inherit' within the edit mask on the right and finally click on 'SAVE'.

As the resources - e.g. labels or units - of the individual organizations are different, functions that use these resources cannot be used within an inheritable flow. Should you use a web or email trigger in your inherited flow, each inheriting organization will have its own email or HTTP trigger address.

As an inheriting organization, you also have access to the flow insights of all inheriting organizations. This allows you to see at a glance whether the inherited flows are delivering the desired results.

Allow configuration of parameters

When you edit an inherited flow, you can release individual parameters of your functions in the flow for configuration by the inheriting organizations under the 'Inherit' button on the right. The list only contains parameters that do not use a dynamic value from an input function and have already been configured by yourself. If the inheriting organization does not configure the parameters, the value you select will be used.

Your flow must only be valid in the respective organization for execution. If the flow is invalid in the organization that is passing it on, but valid in an inheriting organization, it can be triggered in the latter and is active.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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