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Pager management

Pager management

This module is an optional extension and must be activated first.

In the pager management you can view statistics about your pagers, manage them as well as register new pagers.

Under "Statistics" the percentage of availabilities and the number of pagers that are offline/online are displayed.

To add a new pager, enter the serial number in the format "PG123456789" and assign it to a participant if necessary.


"All Pagers" lists all registered pagers with the associated participant. A check mark means a pager is online, a warning triangle means it is offline. If you click on a pager, it expands, and you have access to further functions:

With the bell symbol you can send a direct message to a pager.
With the delete icon, you can remove a pager from the system.
In the field "Assign participant" you can assign a new participant to the pager.
With the info button you get to the detail view of the pager.


In the detail view, you will find more detailed information and functions for each pager.

Status information

Pager functions


Further settings

In the "Further settings" area, settings can also be made that affect the entire organization.

"Trigger high-priority alarms": The volume and vibration settings of the subscriber are overwritten with the respective maximum values when an alarm is triggered.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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