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Create / edit flow

As described in detail in the previous article "Introduction Flows", please first click on "Create Flow" in the overview of flows. If you want to edit an existing flow, click on the three dots on the right side of the flow and select "Edit".

The mask for editing a flow is as follows.

1️⃣ Name and description
On the right side, you can enter a name for the flow and an additional description (Illustration point 1). Both will be displayed in the overview of the flows.

2️⃣ Inheritance
Via the Inherit slider, a flow can be inherited into all connected sub-organisations (Illustration point 2). More information about inheriting flows can be found here.

3️⃣ Structure
The structure of a flow is defined via the so-called flow builder. At the bottom right, you will find the entire pool of all available elements (Illustration point 3). The individual elements can be dragged and dropped to the desired positions in the flow. Please note, however, that certain elements require other elements. For example, a flow must always begin with a trigger element before an executing element can follow.

4️⃣ Delete element
To delete an element, drag and drop it to the top-left corner of the tree view. A recycle bin will appear there, which can be used to delete the element (Illustration point 4).

5️⃣ Configure elements
After you have inserted an element into the tree structure, it must be configured. Elements that have not yet been configured are marked with a red exclamation mark (Illustration point 5).

To start the configuration of an element, click on the element with the mouse. Please note that changes to an element will only take effect if you exit the edit view by clicking the “Done” button. Otherwise, all changes made will be discarded.

Details on the individual elements of a flow can be found here.

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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