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The availability in GroupAlarm allows you as a subscriber to define a status in which you are not alerted. This can be useful, for example, for important appointments or when you are on vacation. The system will then not take you into account when an alarm is raised and will fall back on other members of your organization when filling the positions in the alarm.

As an administrator, you can recognize unavailable participants in the Participants overview by a red dot. Available participants, on the other hand, are marked with a green dot. Participants with a blue dot are bound in an open event.

💡 The status available and unavailable is determined exclusively by the participant themselves.

To determine availability, we recommend using the GroupAlarm app. In the GroupAlarm app, availability can be set under the menu tab of the same name.

1️⃣ You can use the organization selection to determine the organization in which you want to set the availability.

⚠️ All data displayed on the availability tab and all adjustments you make always apply to the organization that is currently selected above. If no specific organization is selected, the availability settings apply to all organizations.

💡 If the Availability tab is called up again, no organization is always preselected by default.

2️⃣ Under the Overview tab, you can see the current status of your availability in the context of the organization selected above.

The status can be adjusted manually using the Availability function. You can also use the selection menu below to select a predefined time window in which you do not want to be available. When you select the desired time window, the status automatically changes to Not available.

In addition to switching availability on and off in the Overview tab, you also have the option of managing planned or recurring availability under the corresponding tabs.

3️⃣ The circular symbol with the + can be used to set up time-dependent and location-dependent availabilities.

With time-dependent availability, a distinction is made between one-off (planned) and recurring availability.

With planned availability, the system automatically sets your status to not available at a defined time.

💡 Scheduled availability can only be set up for global availability.

With recurring availability, on the other hand, you define the time at which you want to be unavailable based on the days of the week. The system then automatically sets your status to not available at the defined times every week in this cycle.

To delete a recurring or scheduled availability, please press and hold on the availability on Android. And on iOS, please swipe the availability to the side.

Location-based availability allows you to define a radius around a specified address. You can then decide whether the system should set you to Available when you enter or leave this radius.

💡 Location-dependent availability cannot be set up in combination with time-dependent availability, as the two would otherwise cancel each other out under certain circumstances.

Location-dependent availability is managed in the app settings under Manage Availabilities.

In the GroupAlarm WebApp, you can also change the status of your availability manually via the quick menu at the top right of your avatar. However, planned, recurring and location-dependent availabilities are managed exclusively in the app.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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