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In the Participants menu, you manage the participants in your organization. Here you can invite participants to your organization and assign labels to them. In the standard case, you as the organization administrator can edit the participants and also set their availabilities, such as SMS, e-mail, or telephone number. If a participant has restricted his or her visibility, you will be informed of this in the appropriate places.


Within an organization, you will find the participant view in the left navigation under 'Configuration' > 'Participants'. The list that now appears shows all participants in your organization. You can navigate through your participants page by page using the page navigation at the bottom.

An individual participant has an avatar that can be set by each participant. The coloured dot at the bottom right of the participant's avatar represents the availability of the participant within the organization. The availability of a participant has several states:

This participant has just been alerted within an open event.

This participant is not available and cannot be alerted

This participant is available and can be alerted.

If there is only a greyish e-mail address of the participant and an e-mail icon in the list, the participant has been invited to the organization.
The participant must first accept the invitation to the organization before it can be used in the organization.
If the participant has accidentally deleted his/her invitation, it can be resent by clicking on the email icon.

Options for individual participants

In the Options menu, you have the option Assign labels to assign labels in the organization directly to the respective participant.

In addition, you can configure the participant's profile with the option Edit if the participant has allowed configuration by administrators. With Remove, you delete the participant from your organization.

In addition, you can enable the Call or SMS availabilities for this participant with the option Release availabilities. In this way, even if the reachability is globally deactivated in the organization settings, the reachability released here is used to alert the subscriber. For example, if you deactivate calls globally in the organization settings and release the availability call for a participant, this participant can still be alerted by call.

Add new participant

Participants who are created without an email address cannot log in and use the apps.

To invite new participants to the organization, click the 'ADD PARTICIPANT' button at the top. This opens the Participant Invite dialogue, which offers you several options for inviting your participants to the organization.


Use the two buttons to select how you want to invite your participants.

In the Manual entry, you can enter several e-mail addresses in a text field and make changes in the next step.
By selecting a CSV file, you can import master data and accessibilities from a CSV file. The assignment of the individual CSV columns takes place in the next step.

Manual input

The following image shows the input mask for one or more e-mail addresses. Use one line per address for the input and click on 'NEXT' afterwards.

CSV file

The import process is particularly convenient via a CSV file, as you can already make all the assignments on your PC or when exporting from your personnel data. When uploading a CSV file, the columns are already automatically assigned so that you only have to check and submit the displayed data.

For the automatic assignment to work, you should use the following column names.

A valid CSV file could therefore look like this, for example.


If several labels or accessibilities are to be assigned to one participant, each entry needs its own column in the CSV file with a different name.

A valid CSV file could therefore look like this.



In this step you can edit the individual participants, i.e. add master data such as first and last names as well as labels, roles, and availability. To edit a participant, please use the pencil icon.

All changes are automatically saved. New reachabilities must first be added by clicking on the plus symbol, that assigns them to the participant.

Adding labels/roles/availabilities

Labels and roles can each be assigned using the drop-down menu. The participant role is automatically selected for each participant and cannot be deselected, as it is the default for each participant.

You can select existing labels as labels or assign and create them via the free text entry.
Please note that for the assignment via the label name or the automatic creation of a label, the corresponding options must be activated.

In the Add Reachability section, you can create a reachability for the user. You can choose from 'Call', 'SMS' or 'E-mail'. Enter a name and a value – phone number or email address – for the desired reachability, and click on the plus symbol.

If you want to add another participant without an own e-mail address, use the button 'ADD PARTICIPANT'. A participant without his/her own e-mail address must have a full name. If the first and last name are filled in, you can assign labels, roles, and accessibilities to the participant and thus use it within an alarm.


After you have edited the desired participants, you can use the navigation at the bottom to navigate through the participant pages and thus correct possible errors. The individual cards with the participants show you the individual master data, defined roles, labels, and accessibilities.

Then click on the green button, 'INVITE PARTICIPANTS' to invite the participants.


As soon as all participants have been transferred to GroupAlarm, the result is displayed. You will see a list of which participants were successfully invited and which were not. Unsuccessful invitations are listed so that you can use them again in a possible next attempt. Duplicate participants are skipped and not invited again.

Participants without their own email address are invited directly to the organization and can be used directly in an alert. Normally, invited participants must first accept your invitation, which is sent by e-mail to the defined address, before they can be used in the organization.

Assign labels

In the assignment matrix, the participants are linked to the labels. Which participant has which qualifications, or which participant would like to be able to be alerted in which role? Theoretically, each participant can be alerted in any of their selected labels. You can use the search function to search for participants by name. Labels are displayed in alphabetical order from left to right. If not all labels are displayed, use the scroll bar at the bottom to scroll left and right. To assign a label to a participant, click the corresponding checkbox. The green tick indicates that a participant is assigned to this label. To remove an assignment, simply click on the checkbox again.

All changes are automatically saved.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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