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Tutorial: Passing COBRA Data to a Flow

Tutorial: Passing COBRA Data to a Flow

Follow these steps to trigger a flow via COBRA:

Create an empty flow and name it.

Next, add the HPPT Trigger from the selectable triggers.

HTTP Trigger

Now add the Trigger to the top of your flow by clicking on it and dragging it into the empty box.

Empty Flow

Thereafter, your flow should look like this:

HTTP Trigger Flow

Now click on the Trigger to open the settings.

The blue link is the one COBRA has to attach all relevant information to.

The example link looks like this:

And the data must be attached in the following format:
?xlistcode=-27872&free=50.763885%6.079622%23F1%23Kitchenfire%23Aachen%23Goethestraße 8%23Stove%2301.01.2023%23This is a test.

Next, click twice on 'Add Input' and select Query Parameter under Input.

The following is then entered in the free text boxes:



To reply to COBRA, you can activate the function in the settings and fill in what should be sent back.

Once everything is filled in, the window should then look something like this:

HTTP Trigger Settings example

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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