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Pausable Labels

Labels that can be paused allow participants to manage assigned labels themselves to a limited extent. For example, a participant who has the qualification and the label SCBA can pause this label if he is not in a position to perform the task due to health reasons. He will then not receive any further alarms for the label. Alarms for other labels that have not been paused remain unaffected by this and take place as usual.

Setting up and managing pausable labels

1️⃣ When creating or editing a label, set the "Pausable" option to "Yes".
2️⃣ In GroupAlarm you can recognise pausable labels by the switch icon.
3️⃣ By looking at the status of the switch icon in the participant assignment, you can see whether a participant has paused the label. Green means that the participant is active in the label, while a red status signals that the participant has paused the label.

⚠️ Please note that by default a label is not paused when it is assigned to a participant. This also applies if a label that the participant had previously paused is withdrawn and reassigned. The participant must then manually pause the label again.

Using pausable labels as participants

4️⃣ You can pause and reactivate pausable labels in your profile under Labels.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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