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iOS: Geofences do not work

iOS: Geofences do not work

Geofences run via the location detection of your smartphone. To use Geofences, you need to activate the location detection of your smartphone and the function must be enabled for the GroupAlarm app.
You can check this in the app settings:

Settings → Apps → GroupAlarm

Settings → Apps → GroupAlarm → Location

Here, the location usage must be set to "Always" and "Exact location" must be active. (See picture.)

Once the settings are set correctly, the next step is to open the GroupAlarm app and open the settings.
Click on Geofences and check if the status is set to "active". If not, activate it:

Geofence Settings in the GroupAlarm App

If your Geofences do not work correctly after these settings, deactivate and reactivate the setting "Activate for all organizations" once.

To test whether the notification settings are set correctly, please follow this article.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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