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iOS: Change alarm tone

iOS: Change alarm tone

Use the default alarm tone

To change the tone, go to the "Settings" section. Under "Notifications" > "Alert Tone" you can choose from 31 predefined tones or your own tone.

Using your own sound

If you want to use a custom sound as an alert tone within the iOS app, you must have a compatible sound saved in the Files app. Within the Files app of iOS, you have access to storage locations of your smartphone itself or to cloud-based storage, such as iCloud Drive.

On iOS, only tones that have a maximum duration of 30 seconds can be used.

In your GroupAlarm app, you can then import your own tone under Settings > Alarm tones > Default tone. Simply select a compatible file in the opened dialogue. This will then be automatically imported into the GroupAlarm App and can subsequently be selected as the sound for the alert.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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