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Inherit flow

This function allows a flow to be inherited by all connected sub-organisations. The structure of the flow cannot be adapted by the inheriting sub-organisations. However, you have the option of releasing certain parameters for editing as part of the configuration.

In the Insights of an inherited flow, you can also view the executions of the sub-organisations. This allows you to determine at a glance whether the flows in the sub-organisations are working as desired.

Resources such as participants, labels or units are different for each organisation and therefore cannot be defined in the parent organisation. Furthermore, the flows in the sub-organisations receive their own e-mail / web addresses when using EMail received or HTTP Trigger, as these must be unique.

If the flow is not valid, e.g. due to a lack of parameters in the parent organisation, this does not affect the execution in the sub-organisation. The flow must only be valid in the respective organisation in which it is to be executed.


1️⃣ The function Inherit can be used to switch inheritance on and off for a flow.

2️⃣ The drop-down menu for Configurable parameters can be used to define parameters that can be adjusted by the sub-organisation.

If a parameter is not configured by the sub-organisation, the value defined in the parent organisation applies.

3️⃣ The changes can be saved using the Save button.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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