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IMAP Trigger

Configure flow: IMAP Trigger

With the IMAP Trigger, you trigger a flow when an e-mail is received in the configured mailbox.
The following information is available for the following functions in the flow:

Internal ID
ID of the e-mail message
Timestamp of processing
Time stamp of the e-mail
Body (text)
Body (HTML)
Configured attachments

In order to use attachments in subsequent functions, you must explicitly provide them with a variable. To do this, filter for the desired file within a received e-mail with a Query. The configuration of the Query is done by means of RegEx: If, for example, you use Application Details as the name and .*\.xml as the query, the first attachment with the file extension .xml is saved under the variable Application Details and can be used in the subsequent functions, e.g. the XML parser. Currently, attachments with a size of up to 10 MB are processed.


Only the first attachment found is saved in a variable in each case, should the configured query be applicable to several attachments.

When using an attachment in a subsequent function, you have two entities to choose from. In the above example, the variable has been configured with the name 'Application Details'.
In a subsequent function you can now select Attachment: Deployment Details and Attachment: Deployment Details (Use File Content). To process only the URL to the attachment, use the first item. To use the content of the file, including the coded deployment details in XML format, use the second point with Use file content.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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