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Flow functions

Flow functions

Currently, the following functions are available within a flow:

Trigger alarm
Triggers an alarm with the configured resources.

Format Alarm
Format the details of an alarm with the configured string.

Load alarm
Loads the current details of an alarm.

Open Event
Opens a new event.

Close Event
Closes an open event.

Search event
Searches an event within the organization.

Send email
Sends an email to the stored recipients.

HTTP Client
Sends an HTTP call to the specified URL.

Send Messenger Message
Sends a message in Messenger to a chat room.

Send Pager Message
Sends a message to one or more pagers.

JSON Parser
Processes JSON input into configured variables.

XML Parser
Processed XML input into configured variables.

Check for string
Checks whether a specified character string is included in a function result (e.g. 'TESTALARM' in the alarm text of the triggered alarm).

Check for one or more strings
Checks whether one or more specified strings are contained in a function result.

Trigger Tag
Triggers a tag and associated alarms in sub-organisations.

Text Parser
Processes Text input into configured variables.

This function delays the execution of the next function by the specified seconds.

Merge strings
Dynamically joins multiple strings together using custom variables.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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