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Flow example - Send messenger message

A flow can be used to automatically send messages to the app's messenger. In our example, we send a message with additional information to an event-related messenger room.

Other triggers such as Email received or DWD weather warning are also conceivable.

When using an event-related messenger room, it should be noted that participants are only added to the room once they have given positive feedback on the alert. It is therefore advisable to integrate a Waiting element into the flow to give participants sufficient time to acknowledge the alarm. This is not necessary for fixed messenger rooms to which participants are assigned from the beginning.

The flow therefore consists of Alarm triggered, a Waiting element and the Send messenger message element.


1️⃣ The messenger room in which the message is to be sent is specified here. You can choose between a fixed room, which can be selected via the drop-down menu, or an event-related messenger room.

To be able to address an event-related messenger room, the system requires the ID of the corresponding event. This can be obtained from the trigger element using the input function.

2️⃣ The text to be sent to the participants can be defined in the input field for message. This can be permanently stored as in the example or obtained from previous elements using the input function.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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