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Elements of the flow - XML parser

The XML parser can be used to process XML input and save the data in variables, which can then be used later in the flow.

The use of the XML parser requires knowledge of XML objects.


1️⃣ The XML object to be used for processing can be specified in the XML: Input function. This can be obtained from previous elements.

2️⃣ The book symbol on the right-hand side can be used to insert templates that already contain predefined variables.

3️⃣ To define a variable, the name must be specified as well as the path of the data within the XML object.

4️⃣ The Required function can be used to specify whether filling the variable is essential for the further execution of the flow. If this option is activated, the flow is cancelled if the required data is not found.

5️⃣ The Output as a list function can be used to save the data of a row as a string in the variable.

6️⃣ Additional variables can be defined via ADD VARIABLE.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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