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Elements of the flow - Websocket Trigger

With the Websocket Trigger, a flow can be started as soon as new data is received via a Websocket interface such as KATSYS. The received data can then be further processed, e.g. with a parser, to trigger alarms in the organisation.


1️⃣ Defines the URL of the interface.

2️⃣ Via Add header-field, header information can be added, such as an API token for authentication.

3️⃣ In addition to the header fields, own CA certificates as well as a client certificate including key can also be used for authentication against the websocket server.

4️⃣ If the websocket server uses its own certificates, you can skip checking the TLS certificates with this function.

5️⃣ Before the changes can be saved, the connection must be tested.

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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