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Elements of the flow - Trigger tag

The element Trigger tag allows the automated triggering of tags and the associated scenarios of the sub-organizations. The tag that is to be addressed must exist in the organization in which the flow is executed.

Details about tags can be found here.


1️⃣ The tag selection field allows you to specify the tag. As an alternative to selecting the tag directly, you can use the input function (rectangular icon) to get the ID of the tag from previous elements.

2️⃣ The input field for the event name allows you to specify this name. Here, too, the input function can be used to obtain the event name from previous elements.

3️⃣ The input field for the alarm text is used to define the alarm text. As with the previous input fields, the input function is also available here.

⚠️ All three input fields under Configuration are mandatory fields.

Additional information

4️⃣ Here you can specify the external ID of the event when the tag is triggered. The external ID of the event is defined by yourself and can either be transmitted via API interface or via Flow using the Create event element.

5️⃣ The input field for the address allows you to enter the address of the location where the tag was triggered. In addition to the address, the coordinates are required for a successful display of the map. These can be stored in the following two input fields.

6️⃣ Allows you to specify the latitude.

7️⃣ Allows you to specify the longitude.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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