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Elements of the flow - Send messenger message

The send messenger message element allows you to automatically send a message to the Messenger of the GroupAlarm app. This way, for example, additional information can be transferred to the emergency personnel.

Details about the Messenger and the individual rooms can be found here.


1️⃣ The selection field for the room allows you to select a permanent messenger room in which the message is to be sent.

2️⃣ As an alternative to a permanent room, an event-related messenger room can be selected. This requires the event ID, which can be taken from a previous element using the input function (rectangular symbol on the left).

❗️ It is essential to use a Wait element before, when selecting an event-related messenger room, as messages can only be received if the participant has already been added to it. This is the case at the earliest with a positive response.

3️⃣ In the input field for the message, the messenger message is determined which is to be sent. Here, too, it is possible to use the input function to dynamically adopt text from previous elements.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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