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Elements of the flow - Send email

The element Send email allows you to automatically send an email from within the flow. For example, the alarm details or the alarm report for an alarm can be sent.


1️⃣ In the input field for the recipient, you can add participants who will then receive the e-mail to the e-mail address stored in the system. Alternatively, e-mail addresses that do not exist in GroupAlarm can be stored directly.

2️⃣ The input field for the subject defines the subject of the e-mail. As an e-mail must always have a subject, this field is mandatory. Using the input function (rectangular symbol), the subject can also be taken from previous elements. For example, the event name can be used here.

3️⃣ The body of the e-mail, or in other words the message text, is defined in the input field for the message. This field is also a mandatory field and, as with the subject, text can also be taken from previous elements.

4️⃣ The function Add attachment enables the option of attaching an attachment to the e-mail in the form of a file.

5️⃣ The input field for the URL of the attachment allows you to name a URL under which the corresponding file is available that you want to send. The file cannot be uploaded directly, but must be accessible via URL.

⚠️ The size of the file must not exceed 10 MB.

Files from previous elements can be added here using the input function. In our example on the screenshot, we use the URL for the alarm details from the element Merge strings. Alarm details and final report are provided by GroupAlarm as PDF.

6️⃣ The attachment name field allows you to name the file individually.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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