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Elements of the flow - Search event

The Search event element can be used to find existing events that originate from previous flow executions, for example. If an event is found, it can be used in the further course of the flow. This way, it is possible to check whether an event already exists with the same event name. If this is the case, further alarms could be triggered in the existing event instead of creating a new one.


1️⃣ The Search by ... selection field can be used to specify whether the event to be searched for should be identified using the event name or the external ID.

You can assign the external ID yourself and transfer it via API or by using the Create event element.

2️⃣ The event name to be searched for is specified in the input field for the event name. This can either be stored permanently or obtained from a previous element using the Input function. The input field for the event name automatically becomes an input field for the external ID if this is selected above.

3️⃣ Furthermore, the event state of the event can be optionally specified. With this option, closed events can be ignored, for example.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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