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Elements of the flow - IMAP Trigger

The IMAP trigger can be used to start a Flow when a new e-mail is received in the defined mailbox.


1️⃣ The server data of the mailbox can be specified here. You can obtain this data from your e-mail provider.

2️⃣ The Delete emails from mailbox after processing function allows you to specify whether emails should be automatically deleted from the server after they have been read. This may help to keep the mailbox tidy.

3️⃣ The item Mailbox successfully tested is set automatically if the server test described under 4️⃣ was successful. A successful test is required to be able to save the element.

4️⃣ The data entered under 1️⃣ can be tested here. The system checks whether a proper connection to the mailbox can be established.

5️⃣ In addition to the data from the body of the email, attachments can also be used for further use in the flow. To be able to identify the attachment in later elements, it is possible to assign a name here, which then identifies the variable that is filled with the attachment.

6️⃣ The input field for Query can be used to specify which attachments are to be used in the subsequent flow.

⚠️ Only the first attachment found per variable is made available. Several attachments cannot be saved in the variable at the same time.

7️⃣ The Required function can be set to define the attachment as an essential element. If the attachment you are looking for is not attached, the flow is cancelled and no further elements are executed.

8️⃣ Further attachments can be specified using the Add attachment button.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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