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Elements of the flow - Format alarm

The Format alarm element can be used to summarise alarm details in a character string so that they can be used later on during the flow. The element is used in particular to output the number of acknowledgements. For example, these can be sent as an e-mail with a time delay using the Send e-mail element.

The other details available for selection, such as Start time, Event etc., can alternatively be inserted directly using the Merge for string element.


1️⃣ The element from which the data is obtained can be selected in the selection field for the input function.

❗️ For the entity must always be selected 'All fields' to obtain a result.

⚠️ It is also important to use the Load alarm element, paired with a Wait element, especially for the feedback data. The data that you receive from the previous element is only ever up to date to the time at which the respective element was executed.

2️⃣ In the input field Format string, both free text and the variables below can be used. The variables are then replaced by the corresponding data.

3️⃣ The variables available for selection can simply be inserted into the above character string with a mouse click.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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