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Elements of the flow - Conditional variable

The element conditional variable allows you to create variables to use them in the further course of the flow. In contrast to the variables that you can create, for example, in the context of the element merge strings or a parser, here the values of the variables can be linked to conditions.


1️⃣ First, you assign a default value to the variable. This takes effect if the condition does not apply.

2️⃣ To be able to set the condition, you must determine which content is to be checked. This is done via the selection field for the character string to be checked.

3️⃣ Then it is determined for which contained string the content is to be checked.

4️⃣ Finally, the value of the variable is determined, which is to take effect if the condition is fulfilled.

5️⃣ The function for the case sensitive term allows you to specify whether this should be considered when checking the character string.

6️⃣ Additional conditions can be added via Add condition.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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