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Elements of the flow - Check for one or more strings

The element Check for one or more strings is an extension of the element Check for string and allows checking text for multiple strings. Not only can the string to be searched be different, but also different texts can be searched.

The check itself is a YES / No query. If the string is found, the flow continues on the Yes path, whereas the No path is followed if the string is not found.

⚠️ It is sufficient if one of the character strings is found for the flow to continue on the Yes path. If you want to use multiple character strings as a condition for a positive result, additional elements can be nested for checking.

An example would be checking the alarm text for the strings test alarm or siren test. In this way, for example, the events of alarms that contain one of these two strings could be closed more quickly in an automated manner.


1️⃣ The text to be checked is specified in the input function for the character string to be checked.

2️⃣ In the input field for the contained string, the character string to be searched for is specified. The string must occur exactly in the text to get a positive result.

3️⃣ The function for the case sensitivity allows you to specify whether this should be considered when checking the character string.

4️⃣ Add statement allows you to specify additional strings for which a text is to be searched.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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