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Create / edit flow old

Create / edit flow

The flow builder is used to create a flow. You can open it by either creating a new flow or editing an existing flow.

If you create a new flow, you will land on the following page:

Here you see only a dashed circle at the top, which is a placeholder for a trigger. Triggers are the starting point for every flow. To begin, drag any trigger from the function box at the bottom right onto this placeholder:

As soon as a trigger has been added to the flow, the other functions in the function box are enabled and can be dragged into the flow using drag-and-drop.

If you add a branch to the flow by checking a string, drag in the functions that are supposed to be executed if the condition is true onto the left branch. If the function is supposed to be executed when the condition is not true, drag it onto the right branch.

Each action in the flow checks whether the flow is valid, i.e. whether there are functions that have not yet been configured. An exclamation mark to the right of the function indicates that the function has not yet been configured.

To configure a function, click on the icon of the function in the flow.

In the dialogue that now opens, you can change the name of the function for a better overview. Under the item 'Configuration' you can now edit the parameters of the function. In the example shown above, this is the string to be checked from a result of a function that has already run and the string that is to be contained in it. In addition, you can have the upper and lower case of the individual character strings be taken into account.

In the selection list 'Input function', select an already run function whose result is to be used for this function. Among other things, the trigger 'Triggered alarm' and the contained 'Alarm text' can be used here.

When all functions and fields of the flow have been configured, you will see in the top right-hand corner whether the flow is valid. Only if the flow is valid will it be triggered by the trigger.

Organization variables

Within the selection list of input functions, you can also use the item 'Organization variables'. The entities contained there are set at the runtime of the flow. Currently, you can choose from 'Organization ID', 'Flow ID' and 'Organization API token'. If the flow is inherited, the respective values of this organization are used at runtime in an inheriting organization.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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