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Configure Flow: DWD Weather Warning Trigger

Configure Flow: DWD Weather Warning Trigger

The trigger for DWD weather warnings triggers a flow when there is a new DWD weather warning for the configured area. Using the configurable warning criteria and warning level, you can specify at which DWD weather warnings your flow should be triggered.

In addition, you can specify a time period in which all incoming weather warnings are deduplicated based on the warning cell, warning type and warning level. A flow is only triggered if either this time span has expired or the warning level has been increased for the same warning cell and warning type.
Otherwise, the execution of the flow is cancelled, and the organization administrators receive a corresponding e-mail.

The following entities of the DWD weather warning are available for the following functions in the flow:

ID of the affected region
Name of the affected region
Federal state
Abbreviation of the federal state
Start time
End time
Weather warning
Warning level
Name of the event

The respective entities contain the data of the German Weather Service. Not all entities of the weather warning are mandatory filled in.

Updated on: 28/02/2023

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