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Choose main device

Choose main device

You can store as many smartphones as you like with our GroupAlarm app as personal availability option.
However, as the messenger and some future functions of the app require a single main device for stability reasons, we limit these functions to the first installation of the app or one you have selected.

If you have only deposited one device, this will automatically become your main device when this function is introduced. Otherwise, you can select the main device yourself in the mobile app or the web app.
Until you have made this setting yourself, the behaviour of the app will not change.

Select main device

In the mobile app

Open the app on the device you want to use as the main device.
Switch to the "Settings" area.
If the current device is not selected as the main device, you can make this setting via the "Use as main device" button.

In the web app

Open your profile.
Switch to the "Accessibilities" area.
Click on the star symbol of the device you want to use as the main device.

Updated on: 27/09/2022

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