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Alarm settings of an organization

At this point, you can make specific settings about the type of alerting of your organization.

Alerting settings

Alert participants booked in event: By default, participants in an organization can only be booked into one event at a time. This happens automatically with the commitment to an alarm and is cancelled when the event is closed.
To provide already booked participants with new information, you can switch off this function and thereby alert the selected participants again.

App settings

Hide Location in App: With this setting, you can hide the location information in the alarmed apps of the participants. The display of the location information on the alarm overview or on configured alarm monitors is not affected.

Display alarm feedback in the app: With this setting, you can hide the alarm feedback in the participants' apps. The displays of alarm feedback on the alarm overview or alarm monitors are not impacted by this.

Messenger settings

Create new room per event: Specify whether a separate Messenger room should be automatically created for new events. By default, all participants who have agreed to one of the associated alarms are added. By default, this option is disabled.

Also add participants who have timed out: If the above setting is active, you can specify here whether participants whose feedback was requested but never received are also added to the messenger room. This is especially helpful if your participants do not send a reply, but go directly to the assignment. By default, this option is disabled.

Close room with following delay after end of event: If the above setting is active, you can define here after which period of time after closing the event the messenger room is closed and thus blocked for new messages. By default, this happens 60 minutes after the end of the event.

Override day triggering

Here you can set your own alarm texts for alarms that are triggered by the desired incoming day.
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