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Quick Actions

Use an organization's Quick Actions to quickly trigger a pre-made alert using tags or an alert template with just a few clicks. Note that to use tags within the Quick-Actions, you must have the Alerting sub-organisations extension enabled.

Please note the necessary permissions for the configuration and use of Quick-Actions within the organization, if they are to be used - besides the organization administrators and owners - by further participants.

When configuring a quick action, you can freely configure the name, symbol, and colour. Under Resource, you can select a resource type for your organization. Tags and alarm templates are currently available at this point. Please note that you must have activated the corresponding extension Alerting sub-organisations in order to use tags within the quick actions.

After saving a Quick Action, it will be displayed on your organization's dashboard. The corresponding Quick Action can be used either by clicking on Trigger or by clicking on the card.

If you have configured a Quick Action with a tag, you will be taken to the Trigger Tag view. When using an alarm template, you will be redirected to the Trigger Alarm view and the configured values of the alarm template will be automatically filled in the alarm mask.

Authorized participants within the organization can either edit or remove the corresponding quick action from the organization by clicking on the edit icon.

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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