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Organization overview

Organization overview

The organization overview is the first point of contact with GroupAlarm for new participants after the initial setup.

All organizations in which you are a participant or owner are listed here. If there are further sub-organisations assigned to an organization, you can display them by clicking the blue button on the right side.

If you are a participant or owner of many organizations, you can use the arrows below the listing to switch pages or display more entries per page.


An organization can have different statuses:

active: The organization is active and can be fully used.
Trial: The organization is within the free 14-day trial version and can alert via email or app.
Inactive: The trial version of the organization has expired, and all alarm functionalities have been deactivated.


For each organization, the number of participants who are available or currently in an event is displayed.
If sub-organisations are available, all participants from all sub-organisations are also included in the second line.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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