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Remote Trigger

Remote Trigger

This module is an optional extension and must be activated first.

GroupAlarm has the option of triggering an alarm via call or SMS.

For this purpose, a phone number has to be activated in the menu "Remote triggering" and a triggering PIN has to be defined. Only if the triggering number and PIN match the data stored here, an alarm can be triggered.


0used as the alarm text in the generated alarm.
Confirm your entries with the "APPLY" button.

To trigger an alarm, you can now call the displayed number. The voice menu will guide you through the triggering process.

First enter your PIN, confirm with the # button and then enter the scenario ID, which you confirm again with the # button.
If the check is successful, the corresponding scenario will be triggered as an alarm, and you can view and edit the "Remote triggering by call" event in the Events menu.

Alternatively, you can also enter PIN and scenario directly by dialling the number.
To do this, select the displayed number and P [PIN]# P [Scenario ID]#. P here stands for the pause function of your telephone (P or ,). Mostly, you can hold down the * key on the numeric keypad or use the context menu for this. Dialling this number will automatically make the entries and trigger the alarm.


To create a new trigger, enter the phone number in the format "0049123456789" and select a PIN (min. 4 and max. 8 digits).
Confirm your entries with the "CREATE" button.

Alarms with the same alarm text can only be triggered every 5 minutes.

To trigger an alarm, now send an SMS to the displayed number according to the given scheme [PIN] [Scenario ID] [Alarm text].

Using a text template

To use a text template within the SMS remote triggering, use the ID of the text template with a # as prefix instead of the alarm text in the scheme: [PIN] [scenario ID] #[ID of text template].

Example: The sent SMS 1681 52 #32 triggers the scenario with the ID 52 using the PIN 1681 and uses the configured text template with the ID 32 for this purpose.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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