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To link alerts to geofences, the first step is to create a Smart Label and a Geofence and link them together.

Participants who are in this geofence and fulfil the conditions of the smart label are then automatically assigned this.

If, for example, you need all the group leaders who are near the fire station, simply link the geofence of the fire station with the label of the group leaders. You will receive the appropriate and always up-to-date intersection that you can alert immediately.

If the individuals in the geofence are only to be alerted first and not exclusively, then a substitute label must be used here. The Smart Label group leader at the appliance house is then alerted first.

If the desired strength is not reached with this alarm, the alarm is escalated to the Group Leader label, as this is set as a substitute label.

To use the Geoalarm, your participants must have set up geofences on their active main device:

Set up geofences on Android smartphones
Set up geofences on iOS devices


At no time are GroupAlarm or organization administrators in possession of a participant's exact location. The GroupAlarm app only receives information from the respective operating system whether the device is in a geofence or not. This information is then passed on to GroupAlarm and processed there.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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