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Create or edit Geofences

Create or edit geofences

This module is an optional extension and must first be activated.

A geofence can be created and edited in the Configuration area.


Simply click on 'CREATE GEOFENCE' in the top left-hand corner.

A geofence needs a name, a colour, a position, and a radius. To determine the position of a geofence, you can either use the address search or enter the coordinates yourself. With the radius, you then determine in which area around the position the participants must be to be assigned to the geofence.
This radius must be at least 100 m so that a meaningful alerting by the geofence is possible. Otherwise, the danger is too great that participants regularly leave and re-enter the geofence due to inaccurate GPS data.


If you have edited an existing geofence, all existing participants will be removed from it. Since the affected terminals are notified immediately, it is ensured that they can send a timely feedback to GroupAlarm about the new geofence.


On the status page you can see an overview of all existing geofences, their position and the currently active participants on an overview map. Use this view to optimize the positions of your geofences and to monitor the situation in your organization.

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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